Carlsbad, CA

When the famous skateboarder Tony Hawk was just an elementary school kid, the first skateboard park of its kind was built in his hometown of Carlsbad, CA. Today, Carlsbad is a tourist attraction for serious skateboarders, surfers, and people looking to live the beach life.

If you asked me about life in Carlsbad, CA…

I’d tell you why surfers love Carlsbad. Seven miles of beach line the coast of Carlsbad and each stretch offers a different type of surf and a different type of beach. Some parts are bordered by sheer cliffs that overlook the ocean.

Some parts are dotted with big boulders that make up a rocky shore, and there are also smooth sandy beaches for swimmers and sunbathers. Not to mention, it’s also conveniently located smack dab between San Diego to the South and Orange County to the North.


Carlsbad is lesser known today for its “healing” mineral waters as it was back in the late 1800s when the first spring was discovered, but in its beginning that was the city’s claim to fame. John Frazier was the first to discover mineral water in Carlsbad back in 1883 when he was digging a well on his property.

It turned out that Carlsbad’s mineral spas were made up of the same chemicals as a famed city in Bohemia called Karlsbad. Just a few years later, a train depot was built in the city so that people could stop through and buy some of the famed water.

The depot was officially shut down in the late 1950s but you can still see it at the Carlsbad Convention and Visitors Bureau. You can even buy a bottle of the famous mineral water at Alt Karlsbad.


The world famous Legoland® is here in Carlsbad, CA. This is just one of the many attractions that bring both visitors and families to this town. Of course, when you live right on the Pacific Coast, there are beaches, but no place as diverse as in Carlsbad.

Unlike many places along the Pacific Coast, there’s good fishing off of the shores of Carlsbad. The perfect beach weather for swimming, fishing, boating, and picnicking, Tamarack Beach is the most popular for families and kids. If a good wave is what you’re after, you have to check out Terramar Beach.

One thing about living in Carlsbad, CA…

If you’ve got kids that need some discipline, there is a military boarding school for boys in Carlsbad. It’s not that bad, half of the campus is on the beach! Half of all adults in Carlsbad have at least a B.A. The city plans to keep that going. The local high school has a deal that any graduate of Carlsbad HS gets guaranteed admission to Cal State San Marcos just by meeting the university’s minimum standards.

When looking for real estate in Carlsbad, CA…

Since 2014, the population has grown by almost 80%. On average, you’re looking to pay close to $750,000 for a home. Homeowners are getting pretty good appreciation on their real estate, with current appreciation at about 4%, making now a good time to buy and sell real estate in Carlsbad, CA.

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