Solana Beach, CA

If you’re the type that likes to get out and about to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, Solana Beach has it all for you. Located near easy access to both the 101 and the 5 as well as the Amtrak and the Coaster, Solana Beach is perfect for commuters who have to work in San Diego but want to enjoy the laid back beach life at home.

If you asked me about life in Solana Beach, CA…

I’d say that almost everyone you run into is into the beach; some just for sunbathing but many who surf with a passion. That’s because there are four miles of coast in Solana Beach where one side is for laying out, swimming, and kayaking, while the other side is for the serious surfer. But if you want to find a beach with a little more seclusion, Seascape Sur is the place to be.


You wouldn’t know it to look at it now, but Solana Beach used to be a farm town in the middle of nowhere. It wasn’t a place you stopped, it was a place you passed by on your way to LA to the north or San Diego twenty minutes to the south. Now, it’s well known all over as a popular beach town.

Two out of the three beaches bring in hardcore, crashing waves that beat up against the bluffs. They’re gorgeous to look at if you aren’t a serious surfer, but if you are, they offer the chance to ride some fantastic waves.


Although surfing is a big part of leisure life in Solana Beach, there are so many other attractions for the typical outgoing resident of this small city. There is a wonderfully eclectic mix of foods here, galleries, shops, hot air balloon rides, and one of my favorites, VG’s Bakery which makes the BEST donuts!

Residents in Solana Beach, CA are also huge nature lovers who combine a fascination with the unique wildlife in the region with healthy living. Several miles of hiking trails attract joggers and walkers all day, every day. The Amtrak and the Coaster both stop in Solana Beach where you can choose to take an excursion on the scenic routes through San Diego or the northern route to LA.

One thing about living in Solana Beach, CA…

There is such a thing called a “Solana Bubble” that you’ve probably never heard of unless you live here. As fast paced and hectic as the major cities to the north and south of Solana Beach can be, the people here want to keep the vibe easy and laidback, like a small close knit town.

So far they’ve managed to achieve that. You’ll notice that kids don’t get chauffeured to school in Solana Beach, they walk just like in the olden days. Kids actually do go outside and play here because the town offers many outdoor public attractions like parks, sports courts, and beachfront playgrounds.

When looking for real estate in Solana Beach, CA…

Properties average around a million dollars and go up in price the closer they are to the beach. The area is made up of just fewer than 13,500 people so available real estate is sometimes hard to come by. The population has pretty much stayed the same over the last two decades, growing by less than 4%.

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