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When the hot springs began to bubble up through sand and iron, it must have been a wild thing to witness for the first settlers in Paso Robles. The same climate that produces the many springs throughout the area produces some of the richest vineyards in the State of California, making this part of the Central Coast a wine paradise.

If you asked me about life in Paso Robles, CA…

The first thing I would tell you about is the lore of the area; about how Spaniards brought with them the first grape vineyards in Paso Robles. Today there are more than 25 thousand acres of vineyards dotting the entire region.

Naturally that makes Paso Robles wine central for the Central Coast. This attracts visitors from all over the state and the world to come and sample some of the dozens of local wine varieties or to take a dip in one of Paso Robles’ “healing” springs.


Long thought to have therapeutic powers, in the olden days, travelers would take mud baths in the springs or soak in the bubbling sand of a hot spring as a remedy for all sorts of ailments. Today you will find resorts built around the different springs where a warm dip is offered as an amenity.

Located just minutes from the mountains to the north, the beaches to the west, and the deserts to the east, El Paso de Robles or the “Pass of the Oaks” is a retreat style community. Because of that businesses thrive in Paso Robles.


There are strip malls, public rec centers, community parks, and annual wine tasting events that keep the 30,000 residents of Paso Robles occupied all year long. As jobs grow, so does the population, and business opportunities. With nearly two decades of consistent growth, the future looks even brighter. 


One thing about living in Paso Robles, CA…

You will find that Paso Robles does a great job of combining the old with the new. While the city encourages business growth, the mud baths and hot springs are well preserved. Dating back to the late 18th century, Paso Robles has enjoyed a rich history that relies on the bounty of the land for pleasure, business, and recreation.


When looking for real estate in Paso Robles, CA…

For around $400,000 you will find a single family home that is about 1,500 square feet. For around $700,000 the homes get bigger with square footage at upwards of 3,000. Like the people who originally settled Paso Robles, the homes reflect the early settler culture where ranch style homes that spread out along a couple of acres prove to be the most popular design.

It’s true that ranch homes are the clear majority of properties that make up Paso Robles but there are many others. Let me know what types of properties you are looking for and I will help you find it in Paso Robles. Just click talk to Ted now.


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