San Luis Obispo, CA

Clearly the largest of all of the cities in San Luis Obispo County, San Luis Obispo, CA is that strip of land between L.A. and San Francisco. It has a population size of over 45,000 people, nearly a fifth of the population in all of San Luis Obispo County. Discover San Luis Obispo with your top tour guide for prime central coast real estate - Talk to Ted today!

If you asked me about life in San Luis Obispo, CA…

I would be remissed to tell you that San Luis Obispo is actually one of the earliest settled territories in California. Established way back in the early 1770s, San Luis Obispo has a very interesting history.


San Luis Obispo went through a gold rush back in the 1840s and early 50s before most places in California were inundated with gold rushers. That discovery brought with it new inhabitants coming to stake their climb.

Soon with money and alcohol running wild in San Luis Obispo it eventually became a gun toting land of anarchy. Lynchings and vigilantes were brought in to bring order back to the town which is now more of a resort town along the Pacific Coast. The city center that was built back during those lawless days continues to be the city center of today.

The natural topography and the remnants from the early native tribes of the area provide many areas to explore. One of those remnants is a series of tunnels built centuries ago underneath San Luis Obispo.


School aged children living in San Luis Obispo are part of the San Luis Coastal Unified School District. There are six different grade schools but only one middle school and one high school. Students have the option of attending one of the schools outside of the SLCU school district or one of the two private schools.

College aged residents are fortunate to live near one of the top public technical universities in the country. California Polytechnic State is located just outside of San Luis Obispo and boasts a student population of more than 25,000.

One thing about living in San Luis Obispo, CA…

Most people have no idea but the biggest Mardi gras celebration outside of New Orleans actually took place in San Luis Obispo prior to 2005. It was only cancelled after rowdy crowds could no longer be contained. Considering its wild roots, it makes sense that too much revelry shut down Mardi gras in San Luis Obispo.

When looking for real estate in San Luis Obispo, CA…

There is a wide range of properties in San Luis Obispo. Homes range in style from one story spacious ranch homes to multi-level single family homes with an ocean view. You can practically choose what type of landscape you want to see outside of your windows.

Homes closer to the beach go up in price from $1.25 million to over $4 million. Inland homes can be found from anywhere in the low $300,000 range and the high $800,000 range. Do you want views of the mountains? Valleys? The ocean? Let me know and I will help you find the home you’ve been looking for in San Luis Obispo.

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