Santa Margarita, CA

According to the last census, there are only 1200 residents in Santa Margarita but for those who call this quiet hamlet home, there is nothing like living in Santa Margarita. From one of the most energetic art scenes to the outdoorsman or woman’s wealth of natural beauty to enjoy, I can show you around Santa Margarita, CA. Just talk to Ted!

If you asked me about life in Santa Margarita, CA…

I would tell you that Santa Margarita Lake is the main source of fun and recreation throughout the year. As a former ranch town the foothills and valleys along the foot of the Santa Lucia Mountains, Santa Margarita is both farmland and waterfront resort town. With access to its own major source of water and proximity to L.A. and San Francisco, life in Santa Margarita offers convenience and recreation. 


Lookey Loos wanting to catch a glimpse of the highlife can cruise a couple of hours south to the beaches of Santa Barbara or take a day trip in the opposite direction for a weekend getaway to Monterey. The climate is so mild due to the constant ocean breezes that even when the temps reach the summer zenith in the high 80s and low 90s, it still makes for a comfortable evening outside any time of year.


I can tell you that those who love the outdoors simply love Santa Margarita. There is no shortage of outdoor activities to keep residents out and about every day. First of all, the lake offers some really great sport fishing where you can catch catfish, bluegill, bass, and trout. Dock your boat at the marina or rent one to go sailing, kayaking, and speed boating.

For land lovers, the nature trails all around Santa Margarita Lake and along the foothills of the Santa Lucia Mountains offer prime hiking paths. You can horseback ride, mountain bike, or hike up miles of wilderness while catching up close glimpses of native bears, deer, mountain lions, and rare migratory birds. 

One thing about living in Santa Margarita, CA…

One thing that you probably don’t know about Santa Margarita is that it is a hot bed for artisans of all different types. From folk musicians, basket weavers, photographers, writers, and jewelry makers, Santa Margarita is probably one of the most prolific and well hidden artist havens in California which is saying a lot.

When looking for real estate in Santa Margarita, CA…

Mountain views and lake views are the preference for many of those looking for real estate in Santa Margarita, CA. I can show you four bedroom homes in the one million dollar range with over five thousand square feet.

Or on the other end I can find you a beautiful 1,500 square foot two bedroom home, perfect for a first home. There are several pre-foreclosures and foreclosures on the market right now providing the savvy homebuyer with some pretty amazing opportunities.

Talk to Ted about Buying or Selling Your Santa Margarita Home

If you have never had the opportunity to visit Santa Margarita but you are looking for a change of scenery, check out what I have to offer in Santa Margarita. After you take a look at what’s available, just talk to me, Ted about buying or selling your Santa Margarita home.

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